A Boy Called Sailboat

April 27, 2019

Sailboat is a small boy from a Latino family who lives in a sparse yet tranquil corner of the U.S. desert with his meatball-producing mother and tough, quirky father. As he wanders around the weird […]

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

April 25, 2019

Straight to video horror created a series of sequels for Warwick Davis starring Leprechaun, numerous Hellraiser follow ups including one where Pinhead controls a computer game, and the complete oddity that is Black Sheep. That […]


April 2, 2019

Set in the future, a skilled miner Damon (Jay Duplass) and his daughter Cee (Sophie Thatcher) have a contract to excavate some precious gems from a toxic forest on an alien moon. Damon’s plan goes […]

A Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

April 1, 2019

AARDMAN and STUDIOCANAL today launch a brand-new trailer, poster and stills for SHAUN THE SHEEP MOVIE: FARMAGEDDON, introducing an enchanting, new character in Shaun’s latest and biggest adventure yet. Strange lights over the quiet town […]

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