Fred Cooke: Fred Space

August 26, 2019

Fred Cooke returns this year to the Edinburgh Fringe with his Hiberno-centric eclectic entourage of keyboard, guitar, discomfort, hysteria, and laughs. Though described as a musical show, Cooke’s idiosyncratic nature results in more in a […]

Harriet Dyer: The Dinosaur Show

August 22, 2019

Harriet Dyer has been performing stand-up full time since 2013 and has had multiple critically acclaimed shows in previous years at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and she’s back this year with her new show Harriet […]

Jo Caulfield: Vodoo Doll

August 18, 2019

Jo Caulfield’s new comedy piece, Voodoo Doll, is in a sense an ode to the earned sense of judgement that maturity brings: reading off her list of things that annoy her, the show follows through […]

Luke McQueen: Bad

August 18, 2019

“This may not have been the show you wanted, but I appreciate you.” Thus commiserates Luke as his show draws to a conclusion. Opening with an atmosphere somewhere in between The Purge and late night […]

Sid Singh: American Refugee

August 17, 2019

As we attempt to enter the Counting House to see the very hero who beat Donald Trump in court, we are essentially accosted by a nasty man in a Hawaiian shirt. “If you’re here for […]

Ross Smith: Crying/Shame

August 17, 2019

Ross Smith is a high-status MC. Every comedian who started out at the Cavendish Arms in Stockwell (all of them) will be familiar with his dry comic demeanour. It was nice in this hour to […]

Josh Glanc: Glance You For Having Me

August 16, 2019

I reviewed Josh Glanc back in 2017 Edinburgh debut with his excellent show Manfül which was at first a surreal character comedy that morphed into a deep and thoughtful look at masculinity. This year he’s back […]

Culture Elité

August 16, 2019

No one ever looks to get off to a bad start, unless you are Norwegian double act Lars Berrum and Martin Beyer-Olsen who are Culture Elité. The opening gambit is an excellent piece of mis-direction, […]

Elliot Steel: Merked

August 16, 2019

Thornton Heath’s Elliot Steel strides onto Bannerman’s stage with the confidence of a wolf. Tracksuit bottoms on, red bull in hand, what he does next would be sure to infuriate the British media and what […]

Daniel Audritt: Better Man

August 16, 2019

Writer-director Daniel Audritt has had success writing for TV programmes and directing his own series Modern Horror Stories for Comedy Central, and now he’s back at the festival to demonstrate his skill as a solid stand-up comedian. For […]

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