John Gordillo: Love Capitalism

August 23, 2016

John Gordillo started as a stand-up comedian in the 90’s before taking a break to concentrate on directing shows, yes even comedy shows have directors, then a stint on early digital TV with a show […]

Away Day

August 23, 2016

Away Day is an exercise in picking your targets. As a show it’s really quite mean-spirited, with almost all of the characters functioning as figures of ridicule or scorn. Those characters, however, are generally ones […]

Nina Conti: In Your Face

August 23, 2016

As the audience enters a short film plays on the massive screen at the front, of Monk, wandering about Edinburgh interviewing some smaller acts and recommending people see their shows, its a really nice touch […]

Sean McLoughlin: Kamikaze

August 22, 2016

Kamikaze is an appropriate title for Sean McLoughlin’s latest Fringe show, in that it feels like watching him explode on-stage. Except someone is messing with the remote and changing the speed so sometimes it’s in […]

zazU: Raisins to Stay Alive

August 21, 2016

Four piece sketch act zazU certainly know how to start with a bang. Harrie Hayes, Maddy Rice, Tom Machell and Nick Read go full on frantic as red flashing warning lights and a booming voice […]


August 21, 2016

Henry Maynard created Boris and Sergey and toured internationally as a puppeteer with War Horse, this year brings a new show to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Tatterdermalion. In a departure from the puppetry of his […]

Tony Roberts: Card Magic

August 21, 2016

Tony Roberts is an award winning magician and stand up comedian who gave up a six figure sales job to become a street performer and has zero regrets and it’s great for us because he’s […]

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