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Sunil Patel: White Knight

August 11, 2019

“I never know how to enter in these things so thought I’d just stroll in like it’s my living room…” Sunil Patel states plainly, appearing in The Pleasance’s first bunker, seemingly out of nowhere. This […]

Jenny Bede The Musical

August 10, 2019

As two young women, one in a Minnie Mouse t-shirt, the other all in black, take their seats beside me at Just the Tonic’s The Mash House for ‘Jenny Bede The Musical’, I think it’s […]

Matt Parker: Humble Pi

August 10, 2019

Last night, Matt Parker performed in front of a room two-thirds full of software engineers. This is most likely an issue of advertising (the whole maths meets comedy malarky), as the show Parker presents is […]

John Kearns: Double Take and Fade Away

August 10, 2019

The Edinburgh double comedy award winner is back and he’s full of song, literally. Opening up with a musical ballad, it’s a surprising opening gambit, but winning one. Immediately you can sense there’s a small […]

Nick Elleray: Big Nick Energy

August 9, 2019

“If the show isn’t good, at least you get to sit down for 45 minutes” is a brave way to start a stand up comedy show. But, luckily Nick Elleray doesn’t have to worry about […]

Ben Verth: Shitegeist

August 9, 2019

Looking like the love child of the Hairy Bikers, Scottish comedian Ben Verth hits the stage with excellent vigour in the Monkey Barrel 5, the comedy club he had a big part in starting (and […]

Joz Norris Is Dead Long Live Mr Fruit Salad

August 9, 2019

Joz Norris is Dead…’ is as inventive as it is wonderfully obnoxious. Norris is riding the wave of absurdist/postmodern slapstick that seems to be slowly squeezing its way into the mainstream at the moment. However, […]

Luke Rollason’s Infinite Content

August 8, 2019

Luke Rollason ‘delivers’ one cracking opening for his show. It’s an early indication that we’re in the presence of someone who oozes creativity and invention, but also as it turns out, a sign of one […]

Jayne Edwards Is Top Body Builder Brian

August 8, 2019

With her debut show, Jayne manages to undertake a deftly adept skewering of Brexit Britain and hyper masculinity in one fell swoop. As her character of professional body builder Brian. Edwards manages to carve a […]

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