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Edinburgh Fringe Review – Kraken

August 11, 2014

I went into this with no prior knowledge of the kind of act I was about to see. All I had was the title, a recommendation from a friend, and a promising notice on the way in […]

Edinburgh Fringe Review – BEASTS: Solo

August 9, 2014

Here’s a thing about BEAST’s 2014 Fringe show that tells you a lot about what to expect: by the end of the hour, the stage floor is so slick with water, sweat, and various other […]

Edinburgh Fringe Review – Jason Cook: Broken

August 6, 2014

Despite actually performing a written and rehearsed show, likeable Geordie Jason Cook could easily rabble on and use the audience as his material and still have a much better hour than a lot of comics […]

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