Film reviews from International Film Festivals. (Chris to rewrite)

The Boy and The Beast

September 11, 2017

Anime is one of those curious genres that can be a leader in creating fantastical worlds with childlike imagination with with very adult themes centred around a central character coming of age. For Western audiences […]

The Vault

September 3, 2017

Hard to be original now in Hollywood these days. When I initially saw the trailer for The Vault I was intrigued, it looked to potentially be a sleeper indie hit with a genre twist as […]

The Big Sick

July 7, 2017

Star of Silicon Valley Kumail Nanjiani is giving his first big break on the big screen and giving the big thumbs up from super producer Judd Apatow in the tragi-comedy The Big Sick,  based on […]

Dying Laughing

June 6, 2017

For those who are maybe unaware of the daily mechanics of a comedian’s mind, then Dying Laughing is the documentary that is set to debunk the glamour of comedy. Directed by duo Lloyd Stanton and […]


March 8, 2017

“You have to be lost to find it”, is how the town’s sheriff of Uncertain describes the area, which directors Ewen McNicol and Anna Sandilands have chosen as a point of focus in this documentary, […]


March 7, 2017

Playing with a heavy topic and rising moral dilemmas almost impossible to answer, Adrian Sitaru’s Illegitimate blurs the lines between what fits in the norms of society’s perception of ‘normal’ and ‘right’ by showing an […]

Bodkin Ras

March 6, 2017

Set in a remote Scottish town, Bodkin Ras is a 21st century reimagining of the stranger in a foreign land concept. In this case, the stranger is the eponymous Bodkin (Sohrab Bayat), a mysterious young […]

Rules Don’t Apply

March 3, 2017

After 15 years of absence from the screen, Waren Beatty (who also wrote and directed the film) makes a return with Rules Don’t Apply, a screenplay that he had been developing since 1973 and in […]

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