Chris Forbes Q&A – Edinburgh Fringe 2016

Edinburgh, the Fringe, why bother?

To paraphrase George Mallory, “because it’s there… Its existence is a challenge. The answer is instinctive, a part, I suppose, of man’s desire to conquer the universe.”

What have been the nuggets of inspiration behind your show this year?

I asked people to describe me in one word. ‘Tall’, ‘Needy’ and ‘Mutant’ were three of the nicest ones. There was many more and I decided to explore their meaning.

Stand-out Fringe moment to date?

Seeing my friend and fellow performer, Cammy Sinclair, strip bollock naked and sit staring at an act who had been picking on him the whole show. It was the ultimate response and it totally flummoxed the failing comic, much to the delight of the small crowd. A true Hero and a brilliantly bonkers fringe moment of magic.

When you wished a hole had opened up in the ground and swallowed you up?

When an audience member whistled the sound effect of a bomb dropping at a gig in a snooker hall for Kirkcaldy Comedy Festival. Brutal.

Your unsung heroes in the industry at current?

Every “unknown” act on the circuit. The actual comedians will always be the lifeblood of the industry. Those acts who travel the country and ply their trade wherever they are asked without expecting anything, purely because they love comedy and love performing.

Three shows you must see this Fringe?

COMEDY – Spencer Jones presents The Herbert in Eggy Bagel

MUSIC – Colin Hay: Get rid of the minstrel

SOMETHING AWESOMELY DIFFERENT – Sirqus Alfon: I am somebody.

The one person you’d love to see your show and why?

Richard Osman. Because who doesn’t love Richard Osman.

The reason why one should come and see your show?

Because I think everyone struggles to some extent with their own identity and everyone can be a bit paranoid when it comes to wondering what people really think about you. It’s fun to explore these topics and realise its all nonsense.

The one thing in Edinburgh you must do?

 Get a Tatti Dog from The Piemaker!

Ah sorry, you’re dead. But least you can have that dinner party you’ve always wanted. Who are you inviting?

Robin Williams, Muhammad Ali, Audrey Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart, Marilyn Monroe and Jesus Christ to keep the wine flowing.


Chris Forbes – Tall. Needy. Mutant Gilded Balloon 7pm

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