Luke Courtier Q&A

Edinburgh, the Fringe, why bother?

It’s important to find somewhere to sing loudly when you’ve exhausted all the usual haunts.

What have been the nuggets of inspiration behind your show this year?

I’ve had lunch quite a lot of time since last year. I felt like that had to mean something.

 Stand-out Fringe moment to date?

Eating this one gigantic battered sausage. Also La Gateau Chocolat’s show last year was something quite special – half weeping/half marveling at his sheer awesomeness. Joe Morpurgo’s Soothing Sounds for Baby is the thing I’ve talked about ever since to anyone who’ll listen about it’s frenetic, unrelenting brilliance.

 When you wished a hole had opened up in the ground and swallowed you up?

It was raining. No one wanted to take a flyer. They’d all left. A man in a mauve jumper gave me an ergonomic look as if to say ‘we are kin’ and I thought ‘I’d never wear mauve’ and gave him a flyer. He said he had somewhere else to be.

The next day I wore mauve. 

 Your unsung heroes in the industry at current?

Marnie Godden. Alison Thea Scott. Catherine Bohart. James Loveridge. Rob Carter. Kat Bond. Giants. Lead Pencil. Laughing Stock.

 Three shows you must see this Fringe? 

Go see Mr Incredible and Torch. They’ll be super cool.

The one person you’d love to see your show and why?

The brother from the Corrs because I think he would like it. Andre the Giant because he’s just nice and he gets Carey Elwes out of several tight spots in the Princess Bride and you can’t not love him for that.

The reason why one should come and see your show?

Because you’re curious about it. Because at one point you might have tried to bake sweet potato brownies.

The one thing in Edinburgh you must do? 

Go up to the top of Arthur’s Seat. And howl.

 Ah sorry, you’re dead. But least you can have that dinner party you’ve always wanted. Who are you inviting? 

Andre the Giant. Mel C. Rupert Everett. Noel Coward. Emmeline Pankhurst. General Custer. Crazy Horse. Robert Johnson. Taylor Swift. Carlie Rae Jepson. Bill Murray. Andrea Corr. Andrea Corr’s Brother.

I’ll do a spag bol.

Luke Courtier: Lunch Underbelly: Belly Laughs 18.20 (19.20) 4 – 28 Aug (not 16)

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