Margaret Thatcher Queen Of Game Shows Q&A – Edinburgh Fringe 2016

Edinburgh, the Fringe, why bother?

Because I’m there of course! Where else are you going to get to see a former British Prime Minister present their very own game show? (Actually, I don’t know what David Cameron’s up to now he’s out of a job). It’s going to be the most spectacular piece of light entertainment since Jim Davidson took over The Generation Game – except even more right wing!

What have been the nuggets of inspiration behind your show this year?

All the ideas for games are wholly original, dear! They may look, sound and feel ripped off from all the game shows of the 1970s but they definitely aren’t. Having said that, Brucie and Cilla are my idols. They are not only the greatest game show hosts of all time but also supporting characters in my show.  It was a suprise surprise to get them, but it’s nice to have them, to have them? (You have to shout out ‘nice’).

Stand-out Fringe moment to date?

I did enjoy it when a woman got so drunk before coming to see my show that halfway through she threw up into somebody else’s handbag. Other than that, it has to be meeting Jeremy Corbyn last year. We had a very long conversation about our differeing views and I’m delighted to say that in the end he was totally convinced by my arguments. He promised me the Labour Party would do everything it could to plunge itself into civil war so that the Tory’s could be in charge forever. Thanks Jezzer!

When you wished a hole had opened up in the ground and swallowed you up?

Anytime I had to walk over cobbles in heels!

Your unsung heroes in the industry at current?

That would be me, dear. Yes, I’ve recieved rave reviews (and was elected Prime Minister three times!) but I still feel undervalued. Essentially, it’s my belief that every other show in Edinburgh should give up and go home and it should just become a celebration of my life and works. Thatch-onbury. And not just for three weeks in August, all year round, it will go on and on and on…

Three shows you must see this Fringe? 

Harry Potter and the Dissapointing Aftermath at Laughing Horse @ Ghillie Du on the 9th and 16th (the actor playing Ron Weasley looks a lot like me!), How to Win Against History by my good friend Seiriol Davies at Assembly George Square, and the wonderful comedian Tom Allen from 8 Out of 10 Cats do Countdown who’s going to be at the Pleasance Courtyard.

The one person you’d love to see your show and why? 

David Cameron. He needs a bit of cheering up, doesn’t he?

The reason why one should come and see your show?

It’s got everything! Games, prizes, catchphrases, music, dancing, the ghosts of Cilla Black and Bruce Forsyth (which is even more impressive when you realise he isn’t even dead yet!) and an audience full of contestants who have to compete for their job seekers allowance. It’s like Means Testing: The Game Show.

The one thing in Edinburgh you must do? 

Go and visit the Scottish Parliament. You might meet Nicola Sturgeon or Ruth Davidson… that is if they’re not clamouring for autographs outside my dressing room.

Ah sorry, you’re dead. But least you can have that dinner party you’ve always wanted. Who are you inviting? 

I’m not dead, dear. I’m back and my name’s Theresa! But who would I have along to my dinner party? Probably all the other great game show hosts of the past: Cilla, Brucie, Jim Bowen, Chris Tarrant, Ant and Dec and even Barrymore. But no one’s allowed to use the swimming pool.

Margaret Thatcher Queen Of Game Shows live at Assembly George Square (Picollo) at 9pm from the 4th – 28th August.

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