Matthew Highton – Insufficient Memory


After greeting the audience members in a breezy, friendly manner, Matthew Highton begins his show with a sad story. His grandmother has recently been struggling with dementia, and only has a handful of memories of her family left. While this is obviously a difficult situation for Highton and his family to deal with, he remains an optimist. On the topic of memories, Highton has lots of stories to tell.

It’s rare to see stand-up be as upbeat as Insufficient Memory is. Tragedy usually has more comedy currency, but Highton’s mission to discover his family’s favourite recollections of him and a desire to create new positive memories lead to stories that are resolutely cheerful. These tales are engaging, although they can sometimes be more earnest than funny. There are still big laughs to be had, though, and Highton’s energy means that few leave without a smile on their face.

★★★ and a half

Stuart Addison

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