Meet East End Cabaret – Ed Fringe 2015

We are a gin-drinking, accordion-wielding, man-beast-riding, multi-award-winning musical comedy duo! Deviant diva (Bernadette Byrne) and half-moustachioed musical weirdo (Victor Victoria) have returned to Edinburgh for two nights only with a ridiculously raucous hour of their most salacious songs: all-filth, no filler! It’s dark, hilarious and dangerously inappropriate. And unmissable!
What is the first thing people notice about you?
VV: Definitely my half-moustache. People are often complimenting me on my unique facial hair.
BB: “Pointing and laughing” is not quite the same as “complimenting”, Victy…
6 things you can’t live without during the Fringe?

BB: Gin, large sunglasses, rain protective gear…

VV: My accordion, late-night crepes a few times a week, and gin.


Who are your Edinburgh Fringe Crushes this year?
BB: I think, darling, you should be asking who of all these comedians has a secret crush on me?
VV: Are there comedians with crushes on you? Who are they? They better watch their backs…


Your darkest Fringe secret?
VV: That Bernie and I are actually dating. Really.
BB: That Victy and I are most definitely, emphatically, undoubtably NOT dating. Never have. Never will.
VV: Except that we are.
BB: Not. We are not. Make sure you get that down.
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