Meet Hal Cruttenden – Ed Fringe 2015


 My name’s Hal Cruttenden – slightly offended you had to ask. The show is basically me moaning about stuff. Stuff like people not knowing who I am despite numerous TV appearances.


What is the first thing people notice about you?

My stupid big smiley face and tendency to talk at length about myself. They also think I’m that bloke off ‘Homes Under the Hammer’.


6 things you can’t live without during the Fringe?

  1. Berocca – it’s the only time of the year I take it.
  2. My agent – to tell me it’s all going great.
  3. My wife – to tell me I’m still an idiot however good the reviews are.
  4. My kids – because they’re beautiful and people can tell that I was maybe beautiful once too.
  5. An audience – the show’s still good without an audience but it definitely has less laughs.
  6. Gangsta Rap music to remind of my roots in the leafy suburbs of West London or Westside as we called it.


Who are your Edinburgh Fringe Crushes this year?

It’s obviously very hard to look beyond myself. I’d always recommend going to see Joe Lycett but he’s on at the same time as me so don’t. His show’s probably rubbish this year. If you’re looking for a Free Fringe treat, I’d suggest Alistair Barrie. One of the great undiscovered comics of Britain – according to him… and me.


Your darkest Fringe secret?

If I‘m feeling low at any point in the fringe, I read other people’s bad reviews. Misery loves company.


Hal Cruttenden’s new stand up show ‘Straight Outta Cruttenden’ is at the Pleasance Courtyard from 5yh – 30th August for tickets go to


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