Meet The Man – Ed Fringe 2015

Self summary 

Who am I and what is my show about? The answer to the second question is an attempt to answer the first question.

What is the first thing people notice about you?

The Man is immune to pepper spray

What are 6 things without which you cant live without during the fringe?

To function The Man requires the menstrual blood of a virgin albino and 382 yellow skittles. 

(The skittles are optional)

Who are your Edinburgh Fringe crushes this year?

The Man does not have crushes The Man has stalks. But The Man is yet to meet anyone in Edinburgh that warrants that level of Devotion and jail time.

Your darkest fringe secret?

Why wallow in the darkness of secrets when you can laugh in light of the truth?

The Man is at The Assembly Rooms at 10:30pm 5th-30th August (except 6th & 17th)

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