You have to be joking? Jonny Pelham

The joke that you loved but no one else did?

I have 3 nipples and I had a joke about how Chandler Bing from the sitcom Friends, who also had 3 nipples, was a hero of the 3 nippled community for showing that anything was achievable, then in one episode Chandler removes his nipple and I had a joke about how devastated and angry this left the three nippled community. I think I just found the idea of a three nippled community very funny but audiences consistently disagreed.


The joke that worked but you are not so proud that it had?

I had a joke about a girl dying, that I thought was funny but it always got by far the biggest laugh of my set and I grew to really resent it. I felt like there where a lot of jokes which where much better that where being unfairly overlooked. 


The comedian(s) that made you want to be a comedian?

I absolutely love Bill Bailey. He just had a magical ability to bring you into his world and as a kid it really made me think I can do this. 


The last thing that made you cry with laughter?

I played pickaboo with my niece. I probably got into it a bit too much really.


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