The brainchild of Andrew Bridge, Aart is his first full solo show, a work in progress of which was debuted in 2015 to great acclaim. Aart is a 50 minute workshop with host Mikey, with exercises in self expression, living in ‘The Now’ and stories from Mikey’s youth.

As soon as you enter the venue, Mikey is already there doing a meet and greet as you take your seats, dressed like a cross between a hipster art teacher and that PE instructor we all had at school, proudly dawning some shorts on the small, tight side. He is hands on touchy and loves a hug but he is there to greet you and make you feel ‘safe’. This serves to give you an idea of what the ext 50 minutes will be like, good natured, friendly and utterly bizarre. The audience will join in with the Aart, 2 aa’s he informs us makes it different from normal art, sometimes one member being chosen over others, other times the entire audience joins in.

It feels exactly like a wonderful art workshop from your childhood only with a bit more swearing and innuendos. It would almost be children appropriate bar some colourful language and some jokes would go over their heads, although it worked for Phil Ellis in Funz & Gamez. Like a mash up of Bob Ross, if he once took bad acid and never came down, at the TV show ‘Look Around You’. Overall it’s a pleasant natured and feel good 50 minutes that makes me recommend you to go explore your inner Aartist.


Euan Tennant

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