Andrew Maxwell: Yo Contraire

It’s hard not to think of Maxwell’s late compatriot Dave Allen tonight, as he holds court from a stool on topics as fiercely divisive as the Scottish independence referendum. Like Allen, his everyman charm and incisive intelligence gets everybody in the room on his side whatever their stance, with satisfying punchlines and thoughtful conclusions.

A great storyteller, it seems that Maxwell’s eternally optimistic approach to life is all he needs to roll into Edinburgh year-on-year (at 40, this is his 21st Fringe appearance) with another armful of sparkling anecdotes and musings. Tales from his global adventures in stand up will make you jealous of his life and understanding of his irresistibly chirpy demeanour.

Maxwell shines when interacting with the crowd – but he resists opportunities to do so tonight, it being a preview. That is the only nit you can pick in what is a consistently entertaining hour that easily commands the large-capacity Assembly George Square Theatre.


James Rose

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