Athena Kublenu – KMT

Athena Kublenu is sure to find herself a firm audience after KMT’s dry witted attack on popular culture. The show is an insight into Kublenu’s apathetic mind, which refuses to give into hyperbolic outrage. It would have been easy for KMT to dissolve into this as well, making her collected delivery all the more commendable. The topics range from racism, sexism and modern politics with an expertly managed flow, handled with appropriate seriousness while given a sardonic jab to ensure the show doesn’t fall into unnecessarily bleak territory.

At one point in the show Kublenu states “There’s nothing more entertaining, than British people complaining” a sentiment that’s hard to disagree with after an hour in her company. Her deadpan storytelling riveting regardless of topic. Her best moments coming when she chastises eccentricities in twenty first century life with astute observations. From a chip shop, guilty of cultural appropriation to gripes with the “wet perm” these jokes are unpredictable and expertly told, with pleasing gradual reveals. Which makes it exceptionally annoying that these lines don’t become frequent until the second half of the show, in fact quite a few moments in the first part of the show came off as stunted by comparison. Perhaps it was simply a case of nerves or ill preparation but it was fairly awkward in sections, especially when multiple punchlines were deployed until one got a laugh. It says a lot about the strength of the second half then that these moments are easily forgivable, almost like a warm up for the main event.

Overall, Kublenu is a very likable comic with a unique stage presence that garnered a decent number of laughs from the afternoon crowd. Given, a bit more time and perhaps with more restraint on joke delivery she is sure to become a crowd favourite in the coming years.

★★★ and a half

Patrick Dalziel

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