Bark and B


Bark is a tree, B is a naked cotton lady. The show itself is just as bizarre as that brief description sounds, both the show and the puppets themselves are designed, performed and operated by Charlotte Freya and Mark Wheeler, having previously performed together in ‘Glitch: The Improvised Puppet Show but have brought their own show to the Fringe in 2018 with Bark and B.

Upon entering we were greeted by Bark and welcomed into the space whilst, light ukulele music plays in the back ground. This gentleness and warm reception sets the tone for the rest of the show very well, this is an hour of gentle but very strange comedy, with a mix of improv and scripted story telling.

Once the show begins we are greeted by Gourdon the show’s ‘techfishion’, Gourdon is an angler fish, who is also an aspiring standup. He is quickly moved on by Bark who reminds Gourdon of his job as the show’s tech. Bark and B then join each other on stage and show begins proper with some light improv, involving a few audience suggestions and a quick improvised scene. This serves as both a warmup for the audience and for the 2 performers themselves. After the improv scene we are then treated to the story of Bark and B and the discovery of a will belonging to a relative of B leaving her an entire theatre as long as they can perform a 1 hour show. From there we have a tale of life, death, love, music and puppetry with numerous characters along and some wonderful shadow puppetry thrown into the mix.

It’s a very warm and relaxed hour of comedy, none of the audience interactions feel forced and all the characters, with their array of “interesting” accents, are charming and quirky and more importantly all very funny. It was a welcome respite from the chaos of the Fringe and I urge you to grab a ticket while they are on.


Euan Tennant

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