Ben Pope – Baby Sasquatch


Baby Sasquatch is Ben Pope’s debut hour, and it shows a lot of promise. Pope is a relaxed and assured performer and never afraid to put himself down; many of his best gags are at his own expense. He accepts that he is the clichéd middle-class white guy in search of himself, after life in London becomes too hectic to cope with. He relates his misadventures in Europe and in rural Aberdeenshire, lamenting his blunders in a slightly sad-sack way. There is always another gag, though, that acknowledges that he knows his self-pity is tough to sympathise with.

His jokes are strong; an extended riff on sausages starts off conventionally but soon gets wonderfully weird and anatomical. The framing material around the jokes aren’t as solid, but Pope is likable enough that a lack of direction isn’t a huge problem. It’s an auspicious start; he will surely outgrow the Pleasance bunker in the next few years.


Stuart Addison

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