Annie McGrath: Shepherd

As she begins her performance at PBH’s Free Fringe venue, Sneaky Pete’s, Annie McGrath gives nothing away to us facially. Deadpan on entry through to the end, the tension built here was nothing but masterful.

‘Shepherd’ is a fantastic delineation for everything McGrath encapsulates throughout her show of the same name. She guides us through some pretty dark tales, all while ensuring we leave knowing where to find the light – should we wish.

McGrath’s stage presence is striking, and it was this combined with a wonderful script that made this show for me. Unapologetic in her delivery, her writing is impeccable in its clarity. The thematic process is sensibly structured to ensure we’re all clear on what in the set is meant to be ironic and satirical, and what is not. I even personally felt that McGrath could have afforded to be more amorphous in this had she desired. Though to be fair, I suppose when exploring subjects such as generational dissonance and feminism, it does help to be clear in your intentions. McGrath certainly is.

An intelligent and sharp-witted hour.


Leila Navabi

Annie McGrath: Shepherd 18:15 PBH Free Fringe Sneaky Pete’s

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