Ari Eldjárn: Eagle Fire Iron

Not since Funz and Gamez have I seen so many kids in a show that I immediately started to think that maybe I should have looked at a press release. But as soon as the Icelandic comedian steps on stage and dives straight into material, any fears of this being a show trying to cater for all ages are allayed. Always nice to have bums on seats, but psychologically it could easily derail the best of comedians but for someone whose home country is a population of 350’000, probably just seeing an audience is a bonus. And derailed by the youthful front bench he is certainly not.

Ari’s material for the whole show is almost entirely dependent on how differential and seemingly behind the times Iceland are, or certainly for when he was growing up in the 80’s and 90’s. And almost all of it is gold to the eyes and ears to any westerner. Shoddy weather, one TV station and a very relaxed approach to international security, Ari makes Father Ted sound like a documentary compared to the nation he hails from.

It’s one thing to have fruitful material, but Ari is a well rounded comedian with an arsenal of impressions, deft delivery and the physicality to perform characters, universally one has to be impressed. And boy is this just a funny show not anchored by a message, meaning or the feeling that someone is trying to be Nietzsche doing dick jokes. If you ever wanted a show that was a one man Father Ted set in Iceland, then you won’t find better than Ari Eldjarn.

A very polished and well rounded comedian that keeps the guffawing from start to finish, even for what was technically a preview. Give him a Netflix Special and he’ll soon have more fans than the number of people in Iceland.


Chris Aitken

Ari Eldjard: Eagle Fire IronMonkey Barrel 1 19:30

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