Carl Donnelly: Shall We All Just Kill Ourselves?

I see you’ve got your reviewing notebook! Go on then, fill your boots! Please make it nice though…” Carl Donnelly asserts as we take our seats in the intimate Spiegel Yurt.

He needn’t have worried. ‘Shall We All Just Kill Ourselves?’ is a masterfully executed piece of comedy and my favourite show of the Fringe so far. 

He explains the title is a reflection of how he felt when he was forced to choose it back in February; a starkly pessimistic switch from his debut show ‘Relax Everyone, it’s Carl Donnelly!’ which saw him receive a nomination for the Best Newcomer award in 2009. 

It’s hard to put this show in a box, which just goes to show how gifted Donnelly is as a writer, performer and general human being. He somehow gets through well over 20 subject matters throughout the show, from masculinity to drugs to crystals and commercialism. All feature new insightful takes, yes, but the most impressive triumph is how effortlessly he’s able to segway from one to another, all the while ad-libbing with audience members. 

As one got up for the loo, he begged Donnelly ‘Can you wait for me please? I don’t want to miss it!’ in which our host kindly obliged, treading water, manufacturing a hilarious riff on fitbits prompted by someone’s alarm going off. 

For what little they mean in their infinite subjectivity, if you’re going to take a review at face-value, let it be this. Carl Donnelly is sure to be selling out arenas in the near future, so go see him in a yurt while you can. 


Leila Navabi

Carl Donnelly: Shall We All Just Kill Ourselves? 19:40 Heroes at SpiegelYurt

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