Dave Green: Guest Bed

Dave Green straddles a thin line of discomfort, eliciting a response from his audience that seems neither frustrated nor entirely on his side. Green appears confident throughout, delivering lines with a patient yet stilted restraint, managing to deftly draw the audience back when jokes don’t land with impressive ease. These moments, when Green flares his under-utilised grasp of self-depreciation and self-awareness, often end up his funniest.

The show as a whole has a similar tendency to waver in the middle. While at it’s worst it remains quite passable, it fails to ever successfully reach a place of true ‘hurt-your-sides’ hilarity, with the more cerebral side of the show falling similarly short.

His performance is preceded by an excerpt from the soundtrack to David Lynch’s’ ‘Fire Walk with Me’ proposing a level of surrealism that Green just about fulfils, with him spending much of the show’s length meandering through the peculiarities of the mundane – recounting tales from the full run of his child and adult life.

While the handful of emotional whiplashes spliced throughout this meandering often hint at moments that could be truly electrifying and even innovating, they often struggle to go quite far enough. This seems to stem both from the aforementioned restraint and also from an overall muddiness of vision.

The constant contradictions (which are particularly pronounced in the latter half of the show) seem to hint towards a greater artistic purpose and worth that seems to be veiled from both Green and his audience. That’s not to say it feels as though there’s nothing there. Given more time develop, Green and his work could bloom into something quite special and altogether meaningful. However, in their current iteration, they form a set that feels more confused than it does wilfully cryptic.


Louis Boyd Madsen

Dave Green: Guest Bed Just The Tonic Mash House Attic 19:55

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