Jayne Edwards Is Top Body Builder Brian

With her debut show, Jayne manages to undertake a deftly adept skewering of Brexit Britain and hyper masculinity in one fell swoop. As her character of professional body builder Brian. Edwards manages to carve a tragic narrative with enough curveballs to keep the audience engaged.

The opening portion of the show falls a little bit weak given its over reliance upon prop comedy with too limited a collection of tools to make it work.  There are moments in the opening section detailing the birth of Brian that do stand out, and get good reception from the audience. Sadly they are sadly outweighed by negative responses to middling material that relies on repetition too heavily in place of saying anything new.

Thankfully the show picks up once reaching Brian’s adult years as it moves into more pointed observational work, and some great multimedia work. One surreal dream sequence in particular stands out as the highlight of the show, and a shift away from some of the more standard comedic techniques used in the performance.

There is a lot of potential from Jayne Edward’s first fringe show, but it is perhaps a little bit of an identity crisis. With a bit of refinement, and a more clear direction in place of vague referential humour there would be an outstanding show here. And it is likely that is what will come across her next shows, but if you want to get in early and catch a rising talent don’t miss this year’s run. 


Patrick Dalziel

Jayne Edwards Is Top Bodybuilder Brian 22:00 Heroes at Dragonfly

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