John Kearns: Double Take and Fade Away

The Edinburgh double comedy award winner is back and he’s full of song, literally. Opening up with a musical ballad, it’s a surprising opening gambit, but winning one. Immediately you can sense there’s a small sense of change with Kearns 4th full show, an almost sense of bliss. The shtick is still very much the same. The drops down of the glasses, slapping of the wall, the bursts of explosive shouting and most of all, the sheer hilarity.

Double Take and Fade Away is typical Kearns in his philosophical outlook of what others might find mundane. I’d like to hear who else is doing material on their ceiling and creating a wonderful routine that marries real emotions and fantasy together to comical aplomb. Kearns manages to create oddball odyssey that are set in the very real confines Mike Leigh trademarks his worlds in. Stories about his neighbours, the very local world around him to Michelangelo painting the Sistine chapel as if he were Frank Spencer. All masterful.

In previous shows there’s always been a sense of existential doubt in some of his introspection, but there’s a sense of content in the reflection of his life and career this time round. Kearns is always excellent value but I dare say this might be his finest hour as Double Take and Fade Away feels finely packed where previous shows maybe paused longer than required. A rip roaring raucous affair that’ll leave you with a smile and a feeling of the world that we might be alright.


Chris Aitken

John Kearns: Double Take and Fade Away 16:45 Monkey Barrel 3

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