Stuart McPherson: Mr November

A familiar complaint amongst the comedy scene is that Scottish comedians are often forgotten about during The Fringe. But there’s a definite strong showing for Stuart McPherson, the former Scottish Comedian Of The Year Finalist. The mid-twenties Fifer is genial and full of charm that immediately gets the audience on side pretty much from the go. 

In Mr November, Stuart riffs through his somewhat failings as a man in his mid-late twenties with an English literature degree from the University of Dundee. There’s some fairly solid written routines about his job at a failing business in Glasgow Central Station, his pokey flat, treating his parent’s house as a hotel and those around him seemingly being more successful. 

As a debut hour, it’s fairly impressive, Stuart manages to keep the momentum from start to finish, peppering laughs throughout the entirety of the show, with some good quality chuckles. It’s quite impressive to not have lulls and it’s a show not just for those looking for something colloquial. It feels unfair to criticise giving all these finer points, but it’s hard to see where Stuart stands out from the pack. It’s very hard to appear unique with the endless amount of comedians on the circuit but nearly essential if one is going to grow their fan-base. The material feels very limited to his current life experiences, although relatable, they lack the appeal of intrigue or sense of excitement. He could be very well just be playing it safe with his debut hour and it’s an accomplished hour at that. Personally I would like to see more risk and a reason why it’ll be worth remembering the name Stuart McPherson.


Chris Aitken

Stuart McPherson: Mr November 13:55 Monkey Barrel

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