Tania Edwards: Don’t Mention It

Perhaps Tania Edwards’ new show is named as such because she doesn’t need a wacky and random concept in her headline to keep her show together. ‘Don’t Mention It’ stands out in this sense: it’s simple comedy not concerned with frivolous absurdisms for the sake of absurdisms.

Due to this, the show feels very fresh whilst also being, in a way, old school. In her hour long performance Edwards flows from joke to joke naturally; avoiding set-up or out-of-place props, not a minute is wasted.

Another benefit of this well-used time is that the pacing accompanies very solid humour. Whether it be from her own script, wandering off from it, or her impeccable way of handling audience interaction, delivery is consistent line after line.

Whilst ‘Don’t Mention It’ may be humbler and more classical in its presentation, it is not to say there isn’t anything tying it together. Edward’s dry and cynical sense of humour weaves well into discussing the narcissism of the age and her experiences with it.

From the stresses of comedic and motherly life, to romance, and her stern life advice for an open and emotional generation, her stories are all very personal whilst avoiding any sentimentality whatsoever. Her pessimistic yet very human outlook breeds a unique character that helps to illustrate strongly the stories of her various adventures, misadventures, and outlooks on life.

All this encouraged an enthused audience that added to the generally relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. In this sense the show is a very easy watch. Without adding any unnecessary convolution one can enjoy good old comedy in a purer form.

Overall, Tania Edwards’ ‘Don’t Mention It’ is very well executed. Humour, improvisation, and pacing all culminate in a show that passes the time very quickly, though not before delivering a rotation of laughs to see you to the end.

★★★★ 1/2

Corrie Young

Tania Edwards: Don’t Mention It 16:00 Monkey Barrel 2

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