The Newcomers

Krystal Evans: Fish Nets

Despite being a Scottish resident for over the past decade, Krystal Evans comedy stylings and influences (presumably) are very close to her home of America. Her act is well honed and she knows how to hit every beat when delivering a joke, with her resting sarcastic face to very good comical effect. The material is nearly all biographical, as an American abroad, being a mother to a young child but being chastised by other parents for that toeing the same line as them. There’s some good evidence of clever writing here and there. As a newcomer building towards their debut hour, this is a tightly put together half-hour with solid jokes deftly delivered throughout from a promising newcomer. Could do with a few more killer lines to propel her as one to truly keep an eye on and could do with finding the comedy outside from herself.

Krystal Evans@ Fishnets 12:30 Monkey Barrel 5

Amy Matthews: The Life Aquatic With Amy Matthews

For such a young age, Amy Matthews has a confidence for the stage beyond her years. She is by no means the first millennial performing stand-up, but maybe the first to make me feel of a fairly different generation. She delivers some great satirism of being from a generation that are financially fecked as soon as they become adults. A chunk of the material is derived from her Scottish boyfriend and his penchant for bluntness ahead of charm. There’s also a fairly strong routine about those who oppose teaching awareness about LQBTQ issues in schools, contrasting it with kids being taught via Sylvanian Family toys. 

There are a lot of schools of thought about shows having an emotional edge and message and Amy Matthews is keen for people to leave with an important message. The moment of theatre is executed with a joke, but one that is not perhaps strong enough, albeit that it is the punchline that is called for. It somewhat really sums up the show, the feeling that Amy is trying to prove that she can do all the things expected in an Edinburgh hour. She knows all the tricks but not quite executing them all to their best ability. She has good jokes throughout but nothing to blow you away. Some of her set-ups are a bit long and don’t always have the punchline that merits the build up. But giving her age, she is exceptionally confident and a bright career surely beckons for her.

Amy Matthew: The Life Aquatic With Amy Matthews 13:10 Monkey Barrel 5

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