Tony Law: Identifies

A good number of performers at the Fringe will try to cover every corner in looking to perfect every inch of their show. Tony Law on the other hand is a wild animal and at his best when not being tamed. A veteran master absurdist, Tony can take the distracting creaking sound from a wobbly stage and strike gold as though the art of comedy was the most natural skill. So much so that his attention span is non-existent, a good proportion of the show opening is Tony going off in tangents, letting whatever naturally comes into his head just flutter out, transitioning into several fits of laughter, even amongst some of the crowd who were uncertain as to what they were entering.

Dressed like a plucky side character from Red Dead Redemption II, Tony’s show is loosely based around identity and characters. More a mechanism for him to weave into different accents (which are very impressive) and deliver flights of fancy so ludicrous and improvised, they can only really be Tony’s alone. Such as his time travelling experience as a comedian for the Russian aristocracy back to the 19th century. Oddly, it’s these rehearsed and intended pieces of material, which feels like the weaker parts of the show on current showing, which do create a few lulls. However, things do come back on track via a special cameo appearance with a misconstrued interpretation of a 80’s classic tune that is very funny and very charming. It’s seemingly completely out of place with anything that has taken part, but at the same time, fits magically.

Whilst only a preview, there are still quite a few kinks in the show. There’s a little bit of cynicism regarding a certain breed of performers able to perform at the fringe with a very exact formulated show. It generates a few laughs but it highlights how much Tony Law seems to be the antithesis to these shows, the Fringe caters for all but perhaps there’s a small modicum of bitterness that Tony Law feels a bit overlooked and forgotten, which he certainly shouldn’t. Perhaps not his best show, but he is certainly on fine form even if there is a requirement for some refining in parts. Although that almost sounds like an oxymoron saying Tony Law needs some refinement. But I trust he’ll improve the show as it goes along. One of the finest comedians to consistently perform at the Fringe in the past two decades. If you can’t enjoy Tony Law, you’re probably dead inside.


Chris Aitken

Tony Law: Indentifies 12:15 Monkey Barrel 3

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