Edinburgh Fringe Review – Henry Von Stifle: Working Class Hero: With a Valet


With the somewhat dismissive attitude of TV commissioners to commissioning sketch programmes, or even putting faith in alternative comedy bar just chucking money at Vic and Bob, it may seem that character comedy is a bit of a redundant scene. Thankfully Henry Von Stifle and his valet Spencer Mulgrew have an hour of solid nonsensical laughter to retain one’s faith in character comedy.

Spencer Mulgrew welcomes the guests with some show sponsored ‘treats’ (no spoilers here), before introducing the man of the hour, Henry Von Stifle, the ‘working class’ toff with a valet, on a mission to improve the audience’s intellect through out the hour, with his own very unique ideology of intellect. What ensues are a series of world record attempts, wooing, product placement, drug dazes and singing in what is a well rehearsed and tightly performed routine.

I always think comparisons are unfair, but it probably wouldn’t be too unfair to compare Henry and Spencer to Jeeves and Wooster if played by Vic and Bob. Whilst it was a modest sized audience of varying ages, no one looked disappointed and there were some genuine laugh out loud moments from them, especially myself, who even had me laughing still whilst they were already moving into their next comical cahoot. If you love your comedy daft and silly, Working Class Hero: With a Valet is a fantastic show at half two in the afternoon.



Chris Aitken

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