Edinburgh Fringe Review – The Kat & John Appeal

Kathryn Bond of acclaimed sketch duo That Pair returns to Edinburgh with a new partner in Jon Pointing; and a new hour of free sketch comedy at Cowgatehead. And a super-enjoyable hour it is.
Pointing matches Bond’s talent for physical, brash performance, characters are played skilfully and the writing is sharp and varied. Bond is best when on the edge of hysteria – a highlight is her turn as a hilarious psychotic boy band fan – while Pointing inhabits well-drawn characters with conviction and presence, and steals the show as ‘Rohan’, a grizzled man’s man delivering a gruff monologue of highland nonsense.
Sketches are glued together with pieces of mime from the two that are performed confidently, charismatically and raise plenty of laughs. Both react superbly to the audience during these sections, natural comedians finding laughs in the nuance of an expression or a twitch.
Some sketches feel like they could be trimmed down slightly in favour of more focused material, and the solo sections are perhaps stronger than those involving the two onstage together. But this is nit-picking in the midst of what is an impressive and varied chocolate box of comedy delivered effortlessly by two very natural comic performers.
James Rose
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