Edinburgh Fringe Review – Kraken

I went into this with no prior knowledge of the kind of act I was about to see. All I had was the title, a recommendation from a friend, and a promising notice on the way in to the theatre that warned of nudity.

Sure enough, by the time we were a couple of minutes into the show I was staring down the barrel of Trygve Wakenshaw’s flapping todger. This clever and very funny opening routine set the agenda clearly – I was here to see a mime. Not the kind of thing I would usually seek out, but an art form that has enjoyed something of a reappraisal in recent years at the Fringe thanks to acts like the 2012 Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Doctor Brown.

There is always something to enjoy as Wakenshaw crafts out of thin air a colourful universe filled with unicorns, pregnant elephants and spilled guts. For all his impressive clowning and physical dexterity, it is often a raised eyebrow or a piece of beautiful timing that sets the crowd off. He oozes a kind of flirty likability – not something you can always say about those who expose themselves in public.

I was (for the first time this festival) surprised – and a little disappointed – when our sixty minutes was up, and I had to return to reality. Recommended.


James Rose


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