Edinburgh Fringe Review – Lloyd Griffith: Voice Of An Angel, Body Of A Trucker

Lloyd would like you to think that looking at him the body of a trucker part would be self-explanatory, the voice of an angel does need to be more demonstrated however, but he’s a good sport and bellows his lungs to prove he is in fact a man-choir boy. A decent number have shown up for his show and he’s fairly quick to try and warm them up.

Voice of an Angel, Body of a Trucker is a somewhat auto-biographical account of Lloyd, a lad from Grimsby, telling tales growing up as an obese child, trying hard to being a lad whilst being a choir boy. It’s easy to like Lloyd, he is cheery and cheeky faced but there is a feeling that at current he is a comedian relying to much on a standard formula, with some jokes a bit predictable and although most of the material is self-depreciating, it would be somewhat telling to see him be more observational and step outside of himself. Whilst the hour is nicely peppered with plenty of laughs and anecdotes about football chanting and early childhood TV appearances, there’s nothing particular here that will stand-out as memorable, although his recreation of being teased mid singing gets probably the biggest laugh of the night.

Although very early in the Fringe and after a bit of a technical scare, which he dealt with really well, especially giving how much his show depended upon a projector, Lloyd feels like he’s still in third gear but there does seem to be a feeling he can knock it up a gear or two and does have it in his repertoire.





Chris Aitken

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