Edinburgh Fringe Review – Mr Susie’s Last Chance Cabaret

Mr Susie has long been a favourite here at Short Com towers, but this is my first experience with the strange being himself. He is an alien from another planet, he claims, although he looks a lot like Mark Davison from the telly. His accent wanders and wobbles all over the place, and he is sometimes possessed by the spirit of Marcia Godella-Birdo, a glamorous cabaret goddess, who urges Mr Susie to put on a show so her old club can be saved from demolition. Mr Susie, being an alien, doesn’t really understand what cabaret is, but he’s willing to give it a go.

Does that make sense? It likely does not, but that’s okay. This is an opportunity for Mr Susie, and his creator, to indulge in extreme silliness for our amusement. Going through the basic tropes of cabaret one by one, Mr Susie both subverts and celebrates a form of entertainment that is old-fashioned, but still holds a broad appeal. Looking around the room, I saw folks both young and old, giggling helplessly as Mr Susie strut his stuff onstage. Despite the weird central concept, everyone gave into it easily. Davison, as Mr Susie, gives it his all, glorifying in the daftness of the whole thing. The material can get hackneyed at times, although there’s a good chance that’s a deliberate choice, and the whole thing is unquestionably childish. It’s a lot of fun, though. All-singing, all-dancing stupidity.



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Stuart Addison

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