Evelyn Mok – Hymen Manoeuvre

Evelyn Mok has been dubbed ‘the Swedish Amy Schumer’ and has featured on BBC3 and Channel 4, she’s brought her debut show to Edinburgh. As the show unfolds, the comparisons to Amy Schumer aren’t unfair, but they’re not the whole story.

In Hymen Manoeuvre, Mok takes the audience through heavy hitting topics like racism, virginity, life hacks for living in London, dating apps and choosing between cake and dick. We’re given an hour of honest and revealing comedy where she talks about being an adult virgin, the ridiculousness of sex and some of the sources of her own hangups. She is unapologetic in the topics she covers from her losing her virginity to periods and from the fetishising of Asian women to her Great Grandmothers bound feet, the show often feels like this is her exorcising some of her past demons and getting ready to move forward. She easily skips between comedy and story telling and her delivery of both feels less like an hour of stand up and something more conversational, it’s both poignant and funny and gives the audience time to take a look and reflect on their own prejudices.

In the end what you end up with is a relatable and charming hour of comedy with a very funny and clever comedian who knows how to hold her audience.


Euan Tennant

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