Gary Little: Just Trying To Be Friendly

Gary Little is as Scottish as they come, uncompromisingly sounding so. As a Scot myself, it’s quite encouraging to find that the audience are a good mix of tourists and locals. This doesn’t affect Little’s delivery and makes a good joke to the Californians in the audience about slowing down for them.

Little is full of pleasant surprises. He looks like a doorman that would convince you to be on your best behaviour but his candour creates a charming magnetism towards him as he opens up about his less than glamorous upbringing and the social hang-ups of the lies his mother told him. Revealing a youthful vulnerable innocence, his show is rapped with self-depreciation throughout, but quickly establishes he can erupt the whole room in laughter.

There’s a healthy arsenal of comedic mechanics in Little’s capability, Just Trying To Be Friendly is lightly seasoned with mild satire, observations and imaginative hyperbole, having a good rant about ridiculous sex laws in Great Britain and the US, driven by immense physical exertion on stage, he rarely stands still. He also does well to avoid littering his set with Scottish stereotypes that so many can be guilty of. But he’s very much in his element when he is telling it like it is, ridiculing those crying for empathy and giving them an ego bashing in return. At times he toes the line between comedic bashing and being a bit full on rant, but there’s no denying Little is a naturally skilled raconteur that audiences from anywhere can appreciate and have a good deep laugh with.

Chris Aitken

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