How Eva von Schnippish Won World War II

Stephanie Ware brings her one woman show to the Vaults festival following a short UK tour and stints at the Brighton, Camden and Edinburgh festivals. No better setting for this zany revisiting of Hitler’s Germany than a rumbling brick lined bunker under the arches of Waterloo station. Ware’s creation Eva Von Schnippisch is a cookie, comedic, Dietrich inspired vixen (think Madeline Kahn, Blazing Saddles), whose saucy slapstick adventures take her from the Berlin cabaret scene to the very Bunker itself. 

From the offset Ware engages the audience with her an easy charm that belies her craft, which combines sharp comic timing and physical theatre. She channels the coquettish confidence of Sally Bowles and the flirty farce of ‘Allo Allo’ in a riproarious yarn. Musical numbers showcasing Ware’s evocative singing voice combine with quick costume changes, mood lighting and quirky props all infused with a feisty energy that keeps the audience fully engaged. This is bouncy boxy Kafka kitsch comedy at its best. Go see


Jacinta Stringer

How Eva Von Schnippish Won World War II is at The Vault’s Festival until Mar 10th 21.20

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