James Veitch – Game Face


James Veitch is a comedian, musician, director and author who had his first solo show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2014 with The Fundamental Interconnectedness of Everyone with an Internet Connection. He returned in 2015 with far easier to remember title James Veitch: Genius Bar and now he’s back again in 2016 with James Veitch: Game Face.

The show begins with him attempting and failing to get Siri to do his intro for him and instead resorting to the tried and tested staple of taking your mic off stage and doing it yourself. This sets the tone for the show; a geeky, humorous looking at the importance of play even as an adult. He starts looking at what happens when you start replying to standard marketing emails and from there we are treated to what sometimes feels like a Ted talk, albeit a very funny one. With his use of gentle pranks on anyone from a wrong number to his now ex-flatmates he tries to remind us of the importance of fun and play and that even as an adult these things should remain a part of our lives.

The space he is in, in the Pleasance Dome, is a very hot and cramped room but it is a good space for his style as it feels very much like a lecture theatre, which is probably the case as the building used by Edinburgh University the rest of the year. There is very limited audience interaction aside from a short duck hunt competition with a willing participant. His style feels somewhat inspired by Dave Gorman, whom he does reference in the show so that may not be far from the truth, but this is not in any way bad thing.

The show may not be for everyone but if an hour of pranks and geeky observations sounds like your sort of thing then seek him out.


Euan Tennant

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