Jarred Christmas: Remarkably Average

Although Jarred may claim his genetics are nothing really to get excited about, his show at this year’s Fringe is definitely worthy of one’s attention.

The somewhat hyperbolic Jarred has gone on a journey of self discovery having decided to send off his own DNA sample (which he may or may not have contaminated through nothing but his very own eagerness). He is here to unveil to his audience the much anticipated results of such a test.

The theme of identity and the never-conclusive question among comics of “who am I?” can on occasion lead to material that is somewhat unoriginal and can become quite tiresome, however, this is a quirky approach on the topic and with Jarred’s style of stand-up it feels quite a refreshing experience. His test has also led him to tackle the sensitive issues to family genetics facing degenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease square-on and he does this with great tact and impressive judgement.

This show has a blast of positive energy constantly pulsing through it. Jarred’s charismatic and flamboyant charm has his audience stimulated from the first minute and it isn’t long before he is on speaking terms with engaging members, this is not a performer that only asks closed questions – he genuinely wants to interact and the more his audience respond the more fun and alive he becomes. Some of his jokes may not always hit the mark but his humour is extremely witty and can at times be pretty risqué but for me it never crosses the line in this performance.

I believe this show has something for everybody but in particular, those who enjoy a dynamic atmosphere and appreciate a polished performance. There is tremendous value in this show and will leave you in an upbeat mood and with any luck setting you up for a further great night ahead.


Graham Millar

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