Joey Page: Catastrophe Party

Definitively one of the more distinctively dressed comedians on the circuit, Joey Page disarms the audience with potential reservations that he looks like a bit of a ‘dandy fuck-bag’, fashionably hipster from head to toe. With some self-mocking sallies of the person who he might appear, a Hackney socialite, he is instead a man in his thirties still living at home.

Page is celebrating ten years as a comedian, the ‘debate’ of Catastrophe Party whether he should go on. Risky ground for a show if one hasn’t got the audience on their side and can be a bit self-indulgent sounding, potentially grating the audience. Being one of the most genial comedians, he’s got the audience on their side.

There’s a trying nature with Catastrophe Party as he very much has the audience cackling when delving into his imagination manufacturing some fantastical concoctions, his astronaut skit going down a particular storm with the attendees, but the habitual gags he churns out feel misplaced, maybe striving to display his repertoire as a comic of ten years but for tonight’s show he might have been best to have stuck to whimsical offerings.

By no means the most eccentric show compared to many acts sweating it out at the Fringe and if Page wants to compete with the more mental elite he will need to hold back less and let his imagination drive the show more. All in all, Catastrophe Party is a calmly paced and pleasant hour of comedy from a very likeable comedian.


Chris Aitken

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