John Robertson: Arena Spectacular!

John Robertson has been doing stand up since 2002 and has received acclaim for many of his shows including a YouTube Viral hit with The Dark Room which he now tours worldwide. In his new show John Robertson – Arena Spectacular he aims to finally have that mainstream arena hit, in a room that can hold about 50 people. Immediately he launches into his intro and bursts out looking like the creepy uncle of Lucius Malfoy, he is loud and enthusiastic and holds the audiences attention well. He begins with a quick tangent with some audience interaction much of which would be considered insulting but it is done in such a way and with a sly cheeky grin that at no point does one feel that it is meant to be malicious. Quickly reminding us the show hasn’t even started yet he launches off on another tangent with some more audience interaction and some rants about how he sick an industry comedy is and again assuring us the show will start soon.

The space is excellent for him and he makes really good use of it rarely remaining on stage preferring to be further in and closer to his audience. He has an immensely fast wit and responds to the audience incredibly well with whatever random things they drunkenly shout out. The show is starting soon he reminds us. His high energy style and tackling of any topic, often very dark ones, he keeps the audience guessing as to where he will go next. With rants and stories about the state of comedy, his birthday sex dungeon and an anecdote about Rolf Harris vs Jimmy Saville is thoroughly entertaining.

Find an hour in the afternoon and spend it on this show, I’m sure it’s starting any minute now.

★★★★ and a half

Euan Tennant

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