John Robertson – Dominant

John Robertson has been performing stand up for about 15 years and is bringing his unique brand of pandemonium back to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with his show Dominant.

This is another of Robertson’s shows that never really gets started, instead he gets distracted and spends much of the hour raging at the audience for whatever transgression that he feels they have committed. The high energy of chaotic comedy that follows will have you laughing throughout spending very little time focusing on any one subject, so no chance to get bored and you’ll be treated to ranting and raving about everything from panic attacks, an excess of self esteem, S&M and Mary Poppins, the often distracting eye contact at sex clubs even culminating in a rendition of Frank Sinatra’s My Way that is, well let’s just say unforgettable and definitely not kid friendly. Was the show ever really going to start? Who knows. Does it really matter? Not in the slightest

You’ll spend the hour laughing and end up with a far better understanding of BDSM and the kink community than you ever will reading 50 shades, it’s all about consent folks. Robertson is delighting audiences again with his fast paced wit and dominating stage presence, he’s well worth your time to see again this year, with a brand new show that is probably unique every time, you won’t get another chance if you miss it.

★★★★ and a half

Euan Tennant

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