Knightmare Live: The Game Has Changed


Knightmare was a UK kids TV gameshow broadcast in the late 80’s and early 90’s. The show involved a team of 4 kids, one of whom wearing the “Helmet of Justice” rendering them blind and requiring the rest of the team to guide them through the dungeon. Knightmare Live takes the basic concept of this and puts it on stage and updates the show for those same kids, now adults, who watched it in the 90’s.

The show has the role of the guides being played by guest performers from around the Fringe and changes every day. The role of “Helmet of Justice” wearing “Chosen One” is played by an audience member. They ask the audience for a quest or reason why the “Chosen One” is traversing the dungeon and today it was the wonderfully noble quest of a -1 channel, where you can watch things an hour before they’re on and free on Netflix. We are then off on a journey to traverse Lord Fears deadly dungeon, we will meet a strange cast of characters from Treguard, who is there to assist the players in beating the dungeon, an overly excited Dragon and wonderfully over the top Lord Fear. The “Chosen One” will invariably die and be replaced by another “Chosen One” from the audience, the recently deceased being given the gift of a badge proclaiming them to be “Not The Chosen One” and then the adventure continues.

The entire cast is obviously loving what they are doing and this comes across in their performances. It’s an enjoyable hour of silliness, if you watched Knightmare as a child you will adore this show. I never did, which feels almost blasphemous to say, but I was entertained throughout even without the nostalgia.


Euan Tennant

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