Kyle Kinane: Ghost Pizza Party

An American abroad, Kyle Kinane doesn’t know what to expect from his debut Fringe show. It’s hard to know what he made of the Cowgate Underbelly, with the sound of its noisy bar bleeding into the room. It may have bothered him, but he’s a goddamn professional, and he has stories to tell us.

There have been a few Edinburgh shows this year discussing political correctness in the age of Twitter. Kinane opens his set with some anecdotes he concedes might get him in trouble with Jezebel, but at least he’s being honest, and the joke is always on himself.  He has a personable presence, and the punchlines are glorious. Some of the stories might gross you out, but they’re told with buckets of charm and wit. It’s confessional stand-up that sometimes ambles into bizarre frontiers. There’s a bit about shellfish that needs to be heard to be believed.

It may be his first time in Edinburgh, but Kinane has been rising up as one of America’s best comedians for years. It’s a pleasure to see someone like him coming over and committing to the experience. His show doesn’t have the full-circle structure that a lot of Fringe shows have, and it’s refreshing. Go see him in case he never comes back.


Stuart Addison

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