Larry Dean: Bampot

It was a rowdy crowd that filled the Assembly Checkpoint to see rising star Glaswegian Comedian Larry Dean perform his latest work. In my opinion, the best laughs to be had were the interactions he had with the audience and there was a solid number in the room more than willing to participate as the banter to and fro kept a good buzz going throughout the show.

Okay, I could poke a little fun at Glasgow and state that everyone from there is a bampot but fortunately that is not the situation in the west. Here we have Larry Dean and from what I saw he is also pretty far from the definition too. The show is based on his latest relationship and how opposites attract i.e. the organised and the disorganised! He has been involved in a long distance relationship and this show was originally intended to address the problems such a dynamic can create along with the solutions, however, Larry shares with us that only weeks prior to the Fringe their relationship ended – best laid plans… He confesses that this had mucked up the ending of the show. The show gradually becomes disjointed as he jumps between certain stories and characters to give further insight into their stories before refocusing on his original timeline once again. This is a creative way to express how he (the organised one) has become less structured himself since the break-up, however, the main punchlines were lost through the distraction of this narrative.

The broad humour of Larry was mainly a success among his audience and the award-winning stand-up carries off this routine in a confident manner, slotting in a plethora of jokes throughout his storytelling to the point that perhaps there is too much effort to impress, but most were often well received. In the end, Larry shows the audience how he has grown as a person from his past relationship concluding with a heartwarming gesture to his ex where it becomes markedly evident that his loss has deeply affected him.

With the material on show here there is ample opportunity for good Scottish banter to take centre stage and for an international festival it is always nice to showcase what we can bring to the sheer mass array of comedy the Fringe brings to our doorstep. I was personally hoping for more in terms of content and originality as in some instances of his material there were gags that were somewhat recycled from clear influences. That being stated, his impressions are excellent and he can nail a variety of personalities and vernaculars which is a talent in itself. If you enjoy a show that feels like a no-holds-barred where nothing is off-limits then this does merit being checked out as overall it is still a fun-filled hour.


Graham Millar

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