Larry Dean: Out Now

At only twenty-five, Larry Dean already holds an accolade as the 2013 Scottish Comedian of the year, thus there’s a bit of expectation in the Pleasance Bunker and the room is pretty much a near sell out. Already in the room, Dean casually chats to the emerging audience, doubling up as a canny usher, there’s very little notion of any pretentiousness about his personality, rendering him warm and charming before he’s really even started.

Dean starts with a bit of typical audience research at, for a heavily accented Glaswegian there’s an impressive repertoire of accents he can pull off, one of them being his Nigerian flatmate in London. Dean eventually moves into the central theme and driving force of Out Now, being an unassuming gay man, not that by looking or the sound of him one would really guess. The coming out theme usually pops up quite regularly now at the Festival, at times it can feel a bit too self-indulgent, clichéd and sometimes more so a therapy session for the act. The fact that Dean is not camp gives it a bit of a fresh take and conjuring up some very good laughs from the crowd he’s veered away from this pitfall of the show being one of tedium.

As a first full fringe show, there’s some good mechanics, plenty of wit, good anecdotes and show structure. However Dean is a bit too guilty of cheap innuendos, he can’t resist and Scottish stereotypes, although better than most. Not everything he puts out lands but when it does it goes down well. Out Now probably won’t win any awards, but is good grounds of proof that Dean has a promising future and is a good distance ahead of other acts at his age.


Chris Aitken



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