Sean Morley: I Apologise For My Recent Behaviour


I was fortunate to see a work in progress of this show last year and was startled at how good it was then at an early stage in Fringe development. But this carnation is whole new beast. Sean’s opening gambit of hiding amongst the crowd is not the first time I’ve seen such a move, but the level of commitment to follow through to the point of testing the audience’s patience is really commendable and he reaches the intended payoff. Sean is a true master of holding court, assessing the audience’s mood by way of score chart, he won’t move on until the room address his answers as a unity, deconstructing a simple how are you until he breaks down the level of answers we’re prepared to give and personifying them, saying he doesn’t want anyone at the top and apologising if unearthing any deep lying emotions. There’s a unique structure to the show that weaves via several segments, each stand alone but all part of the domino affect for a climax that is all part of a clever equation.

There’s meta levels of cult vibes reverberating throughout Morley’s show. We’re an audience of followers of Morley the cult leader, but the level of absurdism that Morley is portraying really makes him a cult act himself. And by that that’s not a sleight saying he is egotistical, his brand will not be for everyone, but if on board, you’ll be left in awe. It’s not a perfect affair. A bit of physical surrealism involving a the sacredness of a singular crisp and the borderline grotesque act that follows doesn’t really feel like a tight fit with what has preceded  and comes after. But for myself, that is the only blip in a show that is really inventive with surprisingly functional production value via cinematic soundscapes (given the venue and no tech) to really lift the show , including a fairly dark wave segment that is unnervingly funny. Sean Morley reminds me of the genius and confidence of Kitson and with the poetic linguistics of Dylan Moran. There’s something very special about Sean Morley. If you like your comedy with a brain with subtle layers of ingenuity, there are not many who can rival Sean. Just be sorry if you don’t catch him.

★★★★ and a half

Chris Aitken

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