Short & Curly: Young At Start


After a brief hiatus in 2017 Short and Curly are back and the Edinburgh Fringe in 2018 with their new show, Young At Start. Performing together since 2010 Rebecca Shorrocks (Short) and Paul F Taylor (Curly) have great chemistry together, which is probably good since they’re married, but this chemistry carries forward onto the stage and makes for some excellent comedy.

The premise of their latest show is that Curly is getting old and he’s not happy about it, what follows is a series of flashbacks to “memories” from Curly’s past. In reality it’s a bunch of TV and movie mashups with loads of costume changes and random props. With mashups ranging from Phantom of the Soap Opera to the well known pantomime Sleeping Black Beauty, it’s a very silly and fun hour of comedy, which seems to be the sort of necessary distraction we need right now. Both Short and Curly have a great intensity to all the characters, Short especially and the physical slapstick aspects of the humour work well, they also have no qualms about interacting with the audience and joining them in the seating, so don’t think that just because you’re hiding at the back you get to sit this out. None of the audience interactions seemed forced and it was never attempting to humiliate or embarrass the participant, which I know is a worry people often have but the joke is always on the duo.

There were a few jokes that fell a little flat and a lot of the references are VERY British, ranging from Grange Hill to Pantomime, there are other films and TV series that are riffed upon that will also appeal to an international audience, like Greece or Sesame Street but you should take it into consideration if you’re planning to go and see them.

I do recommend taking an hour to see them though as it is a really fun time, with 2 very funny people who’re obviously enjoying themselves and are good at their craft.


Euan Tennant

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