SuZanna GonZo: Dark Lady

SuZanna GonZo is the dark comic creation of Katie O’Brien, an award winning comic from London, O’Brien has been performing comedy since 2011 and debuted SuZanna GonZo in 2013. Gonzo is an ex cruise ship singer, who lost her way after an incident involving her almost murdering her lover. She has now returned with a determination to help people heal and to ‘Sing it Out’.

The show begins with an audio announcement like that of a cruise ship introducing SuZanna to her awaiting audience, she walks down the middle of the audience to the sounds of Cher’s If I Could Turn Back Time, with 2 cardboard sailors on her arm. This sets the tone for the show of absurd cabaret and audience interaction. GonZo is an intense beast, in your face, PC carefree as she tells the audience of her past tragedies and how it has made her into the woman she is today. No row is safe from her gaze or her ability to make anyone do exactly what she says, no matter how bizarre, embarrassing or how scared they initially appear. She is a very physical character both in the way she moves and her speech, at times using complete gibberish to great effect.

Its a fun hour of absurd tragedies, sexual innuendo, audience interaction, sing alongs and inappropriate touching. If this sounds like your sort of thing you should definitely check her out.


Euan Tennant

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