Tom Stade: You’re Welcome

An automated announcement instructs the audience that no photography is permitted during the show, backstage Stade mischievously pipes up ‘Take as many photos as you want’. The four-hundred strong in attendance, Stade’s firmly big enough to screw with the rules. This lightly peppers the audience into laughter and once he takes to the stage rock star personified, his intro is temporarily thwarted by a misfiring mic, cue minor ridiculing of the techs, the minor bit of improvisation firmly maintains he is on track.

A good deal of the comedic attraction in Stade is via that stoner drawl and sound of naughty guilt he muses over everyday consumerism. This has been fairly familiar territory in some of Stade’s previous hours the past few festivals and giving the very receptive reaction from the audience does feel like he’s playing to TV audiences a bit. Of course it’s still very funny but does seem to lack a little invention. However he does bring back a bit of his political satire that goes for the jugular and balances it out with a good decree of social mores. It seems where the smarter part of his comedy still lies and it’s a welcome addition to the set.

As ever Stade is consistently strong and one wonders if he is capable of having a bad gig. Solid as ever.


Chris Aitken

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